Platypus Media (8 Books)

LOOK WHAT I SEE! WHERE CAN I BE? VISITING CHINA: An infant narrator explains what she sees during a week’s travel in China. Astute observers will also notice the baby doll hiding in each large picture. . .the book’s interactive style introduces youngsters to another culture.
I WAS BORN TO BE A BROTHER: Written by ten-year-old Zaydek G. Michels-Gualtieri, I Was Born To Be A Brother is the charming story of a young boy who adapts to having a little sister around the house. An accompanying CD with the story and music make for a cherished and strongly recommended children’s picture book tale about “siblinghood”.
IF MY MOM WERE A PLATYPUS: ANIMAL BABIES AND THEIR MOTHERS: Imagine reading a book about 14 fascinating young mammals to your primary class, enriching your science class with interesting and accurate details about their life cycles. . . Children deepen their understanding by drawing pictures and writing stories, by finding habitats on a map, or by role-playing the behaviors of animal babies.
ZACK IN THE MIDDLE: Recommended as the “best middle child book available”
LOOK WHAT I SEE! WHERE CAN I BE? SERIES: Highly recommended series of picture books written with the unique twist of being told from a baby’s point of view. The two-page spreads alternate between a close-up segment of a photograph, and then the whole photograph which puts the intriguing close-up into context. A visual joy to page through. . .
I WAS BORN TO BE A SISTER: The narrator is thrilled when her parents bring home a new baby brother from the hospital. She loves singing to him, playing with him, and teaching him to slurp spaghetti. But as he gets a little older and starts destroying her toys and interfering with her life, some of the joy wears off, and she’s less enamored. In a rather abrupt ending,however, she realizes that she loves her brother and is glad to have him around.
LOOK WHAT I SEE! WHERE CAN I BE? IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Join Baby in a unique guessing game as she engages in typical family outings. During the course of a week and through varying means of transportation, Baby keeps waking up in different locations wondering, “Where Can I Be?”. Baby’s narrative leads the reader on a quest for answers. . . Rich visual appeal and repetitive dialogue entertain infants. Book appeals to the 0-3 year olds.J